2 Unconventional Credit Repair Techniques That Might Work

There are at least 2 unconventional credit repair techniques that may help an individual with a bad credit report fix their credit. It should be noted that any credit repair service that offers to remove information from a credit report should be scrutinized in order to determine the validity of their claim. Legitimate information on a credit reporting concerning an outstanding debt obligation cannot be taken off of a credit report. Any claim to the contrary may be a fraudulent scheme and should be reported immediately

Removing Erroneous Information

Consumers should review their credit reports on an annual basis in order to determine whether a past due debt that has been paid remains on a consumer credit report. In a case where such information persists on a credit report, a consumer should immediately contact the credit reporting bureau such as Equifax, Experian and TransUnion and let them know that the debt in question has been addressed.  

Be persistent when dealing with a credit reporting agency and be prepared to provide any verification or proof that the debt has been properly discharged. This may not seem unconventional but taking efforts to review and contact directly a credit reporting bureau may by the difference between qualifying for a loan and being denied credit.

Make Arrangements to Discharge a Debt

A consumer should work directly with any creditor that they owe money to in order to negotiate a payment schedule or amount necessary to discharge a debt. This includes reviewing a list of charges and disputing any item that is duplicative or does not belong on the bill. Challenging the validity of charges and making arrangements to pay off the debt will help you improve your credit standing.