3 Best Countries For Offshore Banks

Offshore banks have made a comeback, with some of the best offshore banks offering a host of financial products and services- most of which provide great advantages to clients. More people are looking into foreign banking facilities that provide a more stable currency and augmented legal and tax benefits. Additionally, offshore banks offer customers the convenience and flexibility they, as global citizens, require. Three nations offering the best offshore banks include:

1.  Offshore Banking- Panama

With a banking sector fully compatible to that of the US, experienced and highly trained bankers, and stable political conditions, Panama is primary choice for an offshore banking option.

2.  Offshore Banking - The Cayman Islands

The exotic Cayman Islands attract throngs of tourists, and even more investors worldwide. People come from far and wide to take advantage of the myriad of financial, investing services and offshore private banking offered at this banking haven.

3.  Offshore Banking - Luxembourg

Touted as the “new” Switzerland for investment purposes, Luxembourg banks offer many of the services the Swiss banking system is popular for, at a fraction of the taxes. This gorgeous European cultural centre is amongst the richest per capita countries in Europe, boasting of fine offshore banking options. With a highly sophisticated Internet banking system in place, Luxembourg is the choice for many looking for stable banking with fewer tax liabilities.

These offshore tax havens offer nothing but the very best in convenience, reliability and excellent international service to their clients and customers. Anybody looking into best offshore jurisdictions should look into them and avail all the options they present.