Are There Reputable Credit Repair Kits For Sale?

Credit repair kits are available in many different stores. One of the most famous options is "Credit Repair Kit for Dummies," which promises to have everything you need to repair your credit. While these kits may have the best intentions, there really is no reason to pay for the materials they offer.

Everything that can be found inside a credit repair kit, such as: the credit dispute letters, information on how to improve your credit score and how to protect yourself against from identity theft, can be found for free online. There is no magic cure to repairing credit and there is no overnight credit repair that will fix everything quickly. Everyone must review their credit report for inaccuracies, monitor their report for unauthorized activity, keep low balances and make their payments on time.

Save money and do the credit repair yourself by getting a free copy of your credit report. Review your credit closely for erroneous information and make a list of all debts in collections. Write to the credit agencies to dispute any incorrect items. Also, be sure to take note of bad debt information by noting both the original creditor, and the collection agency. Establish a payment plan and pay these debts off, one a time, while keeping your credit in good standing. Once the existing credit remains in good standing, and the collections are paid off, your credit score will improve.