A List Of No Credit/Bad Credit Card Providers

Below is a list of no credit/bad credit cards that claim to offer a credit card to individuals with no credit history or a bad credit rating. This list by no way is an endorsement of the legitimacy of these providers and whether or not they can actually deliver a credit card to an individual with bad credit. There is no information clearinghouse on no/bad credit card providers so the information regarding any of these companies should be verified with a local better business bureau or trade commission.

List of No and Bad Credit Card Providers

  • First Premier Bank
  • Account Now
  • Centennial Bank
  • RushCard
  • First Freedom
  • Aventium
  • NetSpend
  • Exact Prepaid Cards
  • Applied Bank
  • First Option
  • New Millennium Bank
  • Ultra VX Cards

Types of Offers

These providers are commonly listed on websites offering credit cards to applicants with no and bad credit histories. They offer MasterCard and VISA credit cards that can be both secured by funds that the applicant deposits or unsecured cards. Secured cards are also referred to as prepaid cards.

The cards offer different credit limits that are typically as low as $250 up to $1,500, depending on the applicant’s credit history. For specific details about these cards, go to a website featuring no and bad credit card offers.