Comparing a Credit Repair Agency Against Other Options

A credit repair agency will work on your behalf to improve your credit score with the major reporting agencies. They will seek to remove erroneous credit charges, if you can prove purchases made on your credit card were not valid. Using a credit repair agency is not the only way to repair your credit; there are other ways to repair a credit report.

Contact the Lender Directly

Clerical error can often lead to a credit mistake. Try calling your credit company or bank to state you did not make a purchase. They will usually have a form you can file to make the claim. Be sure to provide them with a letter detailing the error and any supporting documentation you may have.

File a Credit Dispute

The credit bureau will contact your lender directly if you file a credit dispute.  They will verify the disputed charge.  Legally, they have 30 days to prove or disprove your dispute. If they do not respond within 30 days, the incident must be removed from your report. 

Seek Legal Advice

If you feel a lender or bureau has violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you can file a lawsuit to handle the dispute. The cost of law suits can be high, so this option should only be pursued if the amount justifies the action.