Directing Complaints To A Credit Card Service Company

A credit card service company complaint can arise for many reasons.  Poor service, non-responsiveness to request or inquiries are a few of the reasons that a cardholder may want to complain to a credit card service company. 

Customer Service Department

When a complaint situation arises, a cardholder should ask to speak with the customer service department. The customer service department is suppose to field calls from cardholders and attempt to resolve them to the best of their ability or properly direct them for resolution. When speaking with a customer service representative, be pleasant and always ask for the person’s name.

Document all of your conversation with the customer service representative. If the answer that you receive is unsatisfactory or does not completely address your situation, ask to speak with a supervisor or manager. In most cases, your complaint should be resolved before it rises to the level of a supervisor or manager.  

Better Business Bureau

If you find that you are still in need of assistance, contact your local better business bureau and file a consumer complaint against the credit card service company. Be sure to document the nature of your complaint and the steps you took to address the situation with the company.  Having copies of statements, letters or emails that you received from the company may be helpful in proving your case. The better business bureau can use this information to follow up further with the company and seek redress on your behalf if necessary.

Consumer Alert Reporters

Most local television and radio stations in a community have a consumer alert or investigation team. Contact your local media outlet and also file a complaint with them against the credit card service company. You will again be required to provide documentation in support of your allegations and be able to outline the steps you took to resolve the situation. Contacting the local media and providing information to the credit card service company about this contact may be enough impetus to resolve your situation.

Use Social Networking Sites

You may also consider being creative and post a comment on a social networking site, such as YouTube. Recently, a woman with a complaint about her bank raising her credit card fees, although she never missed a payment, complained and was able to reduce her interest rate and raise her credit limit. These unconventional methods are becoming more the norm in our digital age and should be embraced as ways to direct a complaint.

If you are unable to obtain any satisfaction regarding your case with the credit card service company, pay any disputed amount so that it does not affect your credit rating and move your card balance to another credit card.  This may be the last ditch resolution for your situation if all other avenues fail.