Don't Fall for Debt Consolidation Scams

Many consumers end up falling for debt consolidation scams when they are in dire financial positions. The debt consolidation industry has many companies within it that prey on those in trouble with debt. Here are a few things to consider about debt consolidation scams and how to avoid them. 

How They Can Hurt You

Debt consolidation scams can do damage to you in a few different ways.They can cost quite a bit of money. Many debt consolidation scams will take your money and run. They will not do what they said they would do, but they still take your money. 

As a result, they can hurt your credit. They might promise to take your money and pay your creditors for you. However, they never do anything and then your credit is damaged because no payments are made. 

How to Identify Scams

When you are considering dealing with a debt consolidation company, you need to research them thoroughly. Look on the Better Business Bureau's website to see their track record, customer ratings and look for complaints. Also, you should be very leery if a company asks you for an upfront fee.