Free Credit Repair Help - Get What You Pay for?

Non-profit organizations, government agencies and some banks and lenders provide free credit repair help as a way to assist consumer who are experiencing financial difficulty or wish to repair bad credit. These providers may be a good alternative to those individuals who are low-income or unable to pay for the assistance of an accountant, financial professional or attorney that specializes in credit repair issues,

Using Free Credit Repair Services

That a credit repair service is free does not necessarily mean that it lacks the ability or expertise to address a person’s credit repair needs. In many cases, non-profit organizations and government agencies are funded by foundation grants, fees, assessments and tax dollars and designed specifically to provide assistance to certain types of individuals. The people working for these entities have the same level of experience and level of knowledge necessary to assist consumers and resolve their credit concerns.

A Word of Caution Regarding Free Services

A consumer that seeks the assistance of a free credit repair service that is non-governmental should seek information from a Better Business Bureau or government agency regarding the legitimacy of the organization. A consumer may also request a list of references to people helped by the organization and any complaints that the organization may have received. This helps protect the interest of the consumer.