Free Credit Repair Manuals For You To Download

A credit repair manual provides information concerning the process to repair consumer credit.  These manuals are available at many different sites. The best manuals available are those provided through the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Both of these agencies are charged with protecting and safeguarding the interests of consumers against credit reporting agencies.

Free Government Information

The FTC provides many manuals addressing issues concerning credit repair that are available free through their website at Similar information is provided on the website. There is a significant amount of information about credit repair companies, the credit process and credit scams. The manuals are provided in PDF format and are free of charge. Some of the important topics include:

  • Your Rights: Credit Reporting
  • Credit Repair: How to Help Yourself and Credit Repair
  • How to DIY and Avoid a Scam.

Non-Profit and Commercial Sites

There are non-profit organizations and commercial sites that also provide information on credit repair. When using information on a commercial site, be careful that it is not linked to a paid service that you must subscribe to in order to access the credit repair information.