Free, Little-Known Credit Repair Tips

Free credit repair tips generally come from lenders and other creditors. Most other credit advice comes from people who want to be paid in exhange for the information they offer. Credit repair is challenging because it relies on many different factors. These factors include: the debt to income ratio, how many on time payments have been made, how many late payments have been made and how late they are, how many accounts are open, how old the accounts are, and even how many times the credit file has been accessed in attempts to gain more credit.

If you're looking to repair your credit, the best thing you can do is get a free copy of your report, which you are entilted to once a year. Look into paying as much of the debt as possible, clearing accounts in collections as you can afford to do so, and continuing to keep any open accounts in good standing. You can often negotiate with creditors to lower interest rates, or to settle on a debt in collections for less than the amount owed. Don't expect the credit score to improve overnight. It will take consistent on time payments for a few months to see any change in credit score.