Free Walk-in Sources of Credit Repair Advice

Free credit repair advice can be obtained by a variety of sources. These companies are  interested in helping consumers fix their credit and get back on the path toward financial stability. These sources include banks, credit unions and non-profits specializing in consumer debts. There are also local, state and federal government agencies, such as the Federal Trade Commission and Internal Revenue Service that provide information concerning consumer debt and provide credit repair advice.

Banks and Credit Unions

A bank and credit union often provide information through personal bankers and loan officers for their customers concerning credit repair services and options. A bank and credit union extending loans to their customers have a particular interest in ensuring that consumers understand their options concerning their credit and take proactive steps to repair damaged credit.

A bank and credit union may provide this information on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting through seminars. These settings can be open to the public, or specifically tailored to lender clientele.

Non-Profit Consumer Debt Organizations

Many areas have non-profit organizations that are set up to provide information to consumers concerning their rights and responsibilities with consumer debt and credit repair options. These agencies are designed to help consumers locate service providers that are affordable and can assist with credit repair options and places to go for assistance.