How Can My Credit Card Account Be Accessed?

My credit card account didn't seem correct one month, and it led to an investigation of the different ways that a credit card can be used without permission from the card holder. The three most common methods someone could use to access another person's credit account are given below, along with a brief explanation of how they are used.

Online Access

As it turned out, my credit card account had been accessed by my wife, and she had simply forgotten to tell me. For online access, all anyone needs to know is your password and log in ID. If your web browser stores this information and fills in the blanks for you, anyone could do the same thing.

Identity Theft

Credit card fraud comes in many types. If someone is able to get your credit card number, they can use it. Or perhaps you paid at the pump with your credit card, but never closed out the sale. The next person at the pump might be able to add to the purchase, or even create a new one.

Automatic Billing

Many websites and TV sales create a paperless credit card transaction that recurs every month. You supply the credit card information one time, and are billed automatically until you take implicit steps to stop the charges.