How Often are Credit File Repairers Truly Successful?

There are no statistics available regarding credit repair service success rates. When you visit the websites of companies that offer credit repair, they offer testimonials, but do not offer success rates. The companies advertise that they very successful in repairing credit files and assisting consumers with bad credit. There are no third-party rating organizations for credit file repair companies, so the best judgment of the consumer should act as a guide to determining whether the service is successful or not.

Information on a Credit File Repairer’s Success

Credit repairers that promise success and use promissory language should be looked at with caution, as advised by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  The FTC provides consumers with information with red flag signs about credit repair companies. Also, they offer a list of questions that should be asked about the type of services provided by a credit repair company.  This information should be used as a guide to avoid being taken advantage of or scammed by a credit file repair service.