How To Order Personal Bank Checks

There are several ways to order personal bank checks. Having a ready supply of checks at home or on hand allows you to pay bills or do other activities that require you to use a personal check.

Ordering Checks Through Your Bank

The easiest way to order personal bank checks is through your bank or financial institution. Your bank maintains information about your account, which makes ordering as simple as selecting the type, style and number of checks that you want. The checks can be ordered fast and payment for the order is conveniently debited from your account.

Using a Third-Party Discount Printer

You may also choose to use a third party discount printers that prints checks for bank customers. These services are not directly connected to the bank and will require that you provide a voided check that shows the account information. Using these services may save you on printing and ordering costs. Some services even provide a way to order personal bank checks online.