Is Doing Credit Repair Yourself Safer?

Do it yourself credit repair” is no more or less safe than using a professional credit repair service. The process of repairing credit involves the same steps whether done by an individual or with the assistance of a professional service. The determinant regarding the use of professional credit repair or DIY is the confidence that an individual has in handling the credit repair process and making changes.

Understanding the Credit Repair Process

A consumer with bad credit or a low credit score should look at what it takes to repair credit and the steps necessary to address their credit situation. This includes obtaining and analyzing credit reports provided for free on an annual basis from each of the 3 credit reporting bureaus. Once the reports have been analyzed, errors need to be addressed with the creditor and credit bureau, requiring constant follow-up and the need to provide documentation regarding the disposition of the item. Finally, an individual choosing to DIY credit repair will need to negotiate payment schedules with those creditors that they have an outstanding balance with in order to reduce their costs and retire an old debt.

As long as a person understands completely the steps necessary to repair their credit and follow-through on their efforts, a consumer determined to repair credit on their own should feel as safe as using a professional service.