Quick Credit Repair Vs. Slow Credit Repair

There are services that offer quick credit repair services offered to consumers to address their credit situation. These services make promises that items that appear on a consumer credit report can be removed immediately or within a short period. These services differ from slow or traditional credit repair, which takes more time to remove errors or address past due debt obligations.

Quick Credit versus Slow Credit Repair

A quick credit repair service can be as legitimate as a slow credit repair service. A critical eye should be taken to any service that advertises itself as a quick credit repair service in order to determine its legitimacy. A service that holds itself out as a quick credit repair should be able to provide proof of its service and give your references of consumers that have been helped by the quick credit repair service provided.

Types of Quick Credit Repair

A recent quick credit repair service is a rapid rescore service that can help consumers address errors on their credit report. This service is usually offered through a credit repair service working with the 3 major credit reporting bureaus to provide documentation on an error report and remove the item with a minimum of 72 hours. Aside from rapid rescore, credit repair is an involved process that requires time and research and a service offering quick credit repair should be able to deliver as promised.