Some of the Most Popular Credit Repair Forums

A popular credit repair forum provides information on how consumers can control their credit. This includes managing debt, checking credit reports and renegotiating interest rates on loans and credit cards. Additionally credit repair forums give advice to consumer on how to address repair situations on their own or with the assistance of a professional credit repair service.

Federal Trade Commission Forums

There are no particular sites or services that are better in providing this information than others, although the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides a good source of information concerning credit repair. Through the FTC site a consumer can access free information regarding credit repair services and what to watch for when engaging a professional service or organization. The FTC information is available electronically and is designed to serve as a guide and sourcebook for questions that a consumer may have regarding credit repair.

Standard for Judging a Credit Repair Forum

A consumer interested in following a forum on credit repair should look at the information provided and determine whether it is credible or legitimate. This is done by looking at the language to make sure that it is not overly promissory or suggests methods or techniques that either sound too good to be true or may not be legal.