The Best Bank Savings Account Rates Internationally Available

The best bank savings account rates can be found internationally. As of September 18, 2009,  South Africa, Brazil and New Zealand had the highest savings account rates reported internationally. This was the rate for a CD account with a minimum of ten thousand US dollars as a deposit. Rates will vary depending on cost, and the value of a dollar.

High Yield Savings Accounts

High yield savings accounts pay a higher percentage of interest. Usually this is because there are terms for getting your money back. Such reasons are usually time related and there are large fees and penalties if the money is withdrawn early.

Different Accounts

Money market accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts and CDs are all interest bearing accounts for a bank. CDs and savings accounts are averaging better rates then the checking and money market accounts. Money market account rates and the savings account rates are very close, making them both excellent choices. International rates follow the same pattern.

Doing business with a bank internationally could also mean that your money is not insured against loss. Do your research before banking internationally to know exactly what you are getting into.