When Should You Go to a Credit Service Center?

There are different reasons you should consider visiting a credit service center. If you have trouble qualifying for a car loan or are denied a credit card you will receive a letter explaining why you were denied. At this point you should obtain your credit report. If you see items on your credit report that you think or false or you do not understand, this might be a good idea.

Reasons to Use a Credit Service Center

There are times when invalid claims or items appear on your credit report. It can be caused by duplicate reports, closed accounts still reported as active or even items that have mistakenly been reported on your account.

You can clear these items yourself by sending documented information to the credit bureau reporting these errors. Sometimes the items on your credit report are confusing. A counselor at the service center will usually have a better understanding of the language on the credit report.

How to Locate a Legitimate Credit Service Center

There are many companies out there that are legitimate. There are also companies out there making false promises. Any company asking for an upfront fee before starting their service or make promises they can clear a bankruptcy from your credit report is a good clue they are not a valid company to use.