Where To Find A Blank Financial Statement

Finding a blank financial statement gives you the ability to do budgeting and other financial activities related to your personal finances. A financial statement is a picture of where you are at today and shows you how your money is being spent. Having access to a blank financial can help you better manage your money.

Blank Financial Statements on Preloaded Software
The easiest place to find a blank financial statement is by using spreadsheet software. Most people with computers have the ability to use preloaded software that contains a template financial statement. The programs also allow you to download blank financial statements from the internet.

Types of Blank Financial Statements
These statements can be customized to it your income and expense categories. They can also be used to get a snapshot of your assets and liabilities and track your money on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. They are basic and easy to use and can provide you with a format that gives you a good idea of what is going on your finances.