Franchise Marketing Methods

Once you have purchased your portion of a successful business, you will need to employ franchise marketing methods to ensure that your location is profitable. It is not enough simply to rely on the name of the larger entity to carry you into profits. Instead, it is critical to constantly push to out-earn not only your competitors in the area but also other franchises. This is the key to long-term success as a franchise owner.

Demographics and Development

The first step to marketing your franchise is understanding the demographics where you have chosen to do business. Who is your customer? Why is your customer interested in doing business with you? You can start by surveying the area, taking questionnaires from your clients or even hiring a demographics company to assist. The larger corporation you are a part of may also help with this part of your research. Ask the corporation if research has been done in the past and, if so, if you can have the information.

Use of Corporate Materials

You purchased a franchise because you wanted the backing of a big name corporation. Use that name to increase your presence in the community. When you receive packets of corporate marketing materials, put them to work for your business. If there is something you have not received but would like, do not be afraid to ask the corporation to develop more materials.

Local Advertising Campaigns

You can advertise locally in newspapers or on billboards, television, radio or the Internet. As a general rule, pay for advertising only when you have budgeted for the expense and believe it is worthwhile. For example, when you are first opening your doors, paid advertising will be very helpful. Once your business is up and running, you will rely more on contact with your customers and the community, which is free or inexpensive, to continue to build your brand.

Community Marketing

Attend community events, sponsor community programs and take an active role in your immediate surroundings. This is the least expensive way to get your name in front of your clients. This step is particularly important if you are located in a small town or in an area with a strong sense of community. These neighborhoods tend to support other members of the community, and they may be averse to the corporate presence of a "chain" establishment. You will need to develop your image as a small business owner who is involved in community events in order to avoid this negative reaction.

Loyalty Programs

Once you get customers in the door, retention is critical. It costs far more money to get a client for the first time than it does to retain a client. As a result, one of the simplest ways to encourage business growth is through loyalty and rewards programs. Ask your clients to participate in your business by giving feedback and reward them for their feedback when appropriate. Further, ensure you reward your most loyal customers. You can do this with the simple "tenth order is free" model so many businesses use, or you can even get creative with social marketing, incentivizing people who Tweet about your business or check in frequently on Foursquare.