Starting a Janitorial Business: Going Green To Boost Your Bottom Line

When you are starting a janitorial business you must consider several factors to have a successful business. One of the factors includes how to increase your revenues and beat the competition. One thing that you may want to consider is going green. Many janitorial companies do not use green products. While this may not matter to them, marketing your business as one that is “going green” will put you in good position with new clients. In today’s world, using environmentally friendly products, especially when it comes to cleaning, is very important.

Health Benefits

Many studies have shown that common household cleaners can lead to allergies, breathing problems, and skin conditions. By using green products you and your entire staff will be healthier. In turn, your cost of health insurance coverage will be lower than the competition. This is one way of boosting your bottom line that many companies never think about.

As you are starting your janitorial business, consider the benefits of going green. You can use this as a marketing tool, while also improving your image as well as the overall health of you and your employees.