2 Tips to Avoid Homeowner's Insurance Denials

Insurance denials are a common issue, especially when it comes to homeowner's insurance. The companies have a financial interest in earning money from you as a policyholder, but they don't want to actually have to pay you because that would cost them money. There are a number of steps you can take to avoid denials and get the coverage you need:

Taking Preemptive Steps

The best way to avoid homeowner's insurance denials is to study your policy carefully. They usually contain a number of very specific requirements. If you have any questions about any terminology in your policy, consult your insurance agent or your lawyer. Before you file your claim, make sure that the claim fits the insurance policy. While it won't necessarily prevent denials, it will make them much less likely.

Contesting Insurance Denials

If your claim is denied in spite of your preparations, you can still try to get the insurance denial reversed. First, you must request a full explanation, in writing. Provide details about the denial and the coverage you requested. Then, compare it to the terms of the policy. Insurance denials are not always set in stone and there is a possibility of reversing denials. Keep in mind that even a seemingly trivial, insignificant mistake can work in your favor.