4 Tips for Buying Affordable Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance can be very expensive because of the high number of claims originating from mobile homes. These claims occur because the facilities are generally less secure than permanent residences. Mobile homes tend to sustain more damage from storms and weather. They also tend to be more accessible to theft, meaning they will have a high number of building contents claims. You can reduce your mobile home insurance by reducing exposure to these elements.

Have an Inspection

A home inspection is not just for a permanent residence. An inspector can view your property for issues in security of the complex. For example, you may need more anti-windstorm technology in your roof. The inspector may find there are aspects of your home that make you susceptible to flood, fire or other damage as well. An inspection can cost as little as a few hundred dollars. You will need an occasional inspection for tax purposes, and it can add value to your home if you are planning on selling within a few years. Ultimately, the inspection cost will usually pay for itself in other savings.

Make Safety Improvements

Once your inspector makes recommendations, you can begin implementing them through safety improvements. Again, there may be an initial expense to replace a roof or windows. Windows in particular can be insufficient in an older mobile home. Window replacements will also save you money in energy costs each month. If you do these things, your home's value will go up with the improvements and your insurance premiums will go down. The one-time cost can easily be covered through home equity financing, building the value of your property without taking money out of your savings account.

Update Security Systems

Security windows, strong doors, locks and alarms can all reduce your chance of theft. This is a good idea on two levels. First, you will not have the headache and heart ached that comes with a break in. Avoiding a break in can make your family and your property more secure on a daily basis. Second, avoiding a break in will help reduce your insurance costs. Your insurance company may give you a discount if you install a new alarm system. Not making claims for a period of time will also pay off in the long run. If you can avoid any claims from theft in an insurance policy, your theft coverage will be drastically lower than if you may just one claim. 

Opt for a Secure Community

You have a choice in the community you live in. While there may not be many communities offering mobile home ownership in your area, there is usually more than one to choose from. You can speak with an insurance company about the relative cost to insure in one area versus another. You may find out some communities are more secure than others, meaning there are less people passing through. You may also find some communities are located in a safer area geographically, less exposed to risks of flood or fire.