A Brief Summary About AARP Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance is required for mobile homes that are being financed, to protect them from damage. It is a good idea for everyone to have even when they completely own their mobile home to protect personal belongings as well. The AARP mobile home insurance is available for mobile home owners who are also part of the AARP. It is different from a typical homeowners insurance program, and has many features and benefits. The program was designed by the AARP to help its members after talking to them about what they want. The AARP mobile home insurance is offered through the Foremost Insurance Group.

What to Consider

According to AARP, there are six things mobile home owners should consider about an insurance policy before they buy it. Rather than calling some insurance companies, getting quotes, and going with whatever policy is the cheapest, buyers should look closely at:

  • Value: Is what you are paying worth the coverage you are getting?
  • Protection: Does the policy protect your home and personal belongings in the event of disasters that concern you the most?
  • Liability: Does the policy cover you if someone is injured on your property and sues you? Does it cover costs associated with liability suites even if you are not found to be liable? This is a very important aspect of your coverage.
  • Coverage: Consider the actual cash value, replacement cost and total loss areas of the policy. Make sure they fit your needs.
  • Service Record: Look at the company and their customer service. Are they helpful? Read reviews. Ask friends and family what they think.
  • Company Health: Is the company providing insurance stable? If not, the insurance may be useless to you when you need it most.

AARP mobile home insurance clearly explains all six of these elements to help their buyers make the most educated decisions regarding their policies as possible. They are also available by phone to assist with any aspect of the policy, whether they are just interested in a quote, buying a policy, filing a claim, making a payment, or adjusting the policy.

AARP mobile home insurance plans come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Payment plans are available to fit any budget. Payment plan options include one payment, two payments, four payments, or ten payments. There is an online estimate form available to help you get in touch with an agent to determine the cost of an insurance policy.

Policies, except for those issued in North Carolina and Texas can be continued for as long as you would like, with the Lifetime Continuation program. The Lifetime Continuation program is only available if: the insurance premium has been consistently paid on time, no important information about the mobile home has been purposely hidden at any point during the policy, no false claims have been made, and any conditions that have caused a loss are fixed before another loss occurs.