A List of Different Types of Homeowners Insurance

Total loss insurance provides a benefit for a car owner who is involved in an accident. When the accident causes extensive or expensive damage to the vehicle, the insurance company may deem the vehicle to be a total loss. The total loss claims process allows a car owner to recover the replacement value of the vehicle and move past the loss of their vehicle in order to get back on the road.

The Claims Process

When involved in an accident, the vehicle should be examined by the police to determine the cause of the accident and file an accident report. The accident report will be one of the documents used as the basis for establishing that a loss occurred and a claim can be filed. Pictures of the damage should be taken to provide photographic evidence of the loss and to document the accident for the insurance company. The car should be a car repair shop designated by your insurance company in order for them to determine if a total loss exists.

Sending Documentation to the Insurance Company

Once the repair shop has declared the vehicle a total loss and unable to be fixed, a claim form with the documentation indicating a proof of loss should be filed immediately. The insurance company will use the information to determine the actual cash value of the car and provide you with a check for the policy benefit.