Auto Insurance for Stolen Items?

Automobile insurance can be difficult to understand. There are many different circumstances and coverage options available. Some plans do not cover things like damaged windshields, vandalism or stolen items. However, that does not necessarily mean that you are not covered. If you find yourself in the situation where something has been stolen from your vehicle it may not be a total loss. There might be some compensation available to you.

General Coverage

Auto insurance is an important item to have. Insurance will cover your repair costs in an accident, help pay for medical bills if there has been an injury, fix windshields broken by rocks, or even compensate you for items stolen from your car. These all depend on several factors though.

One of the bigger factors in determining whether or not your car insurance will pay for your stolen items is the actual item itself. For example, items that are attached to your car will be covered, while most of the other items, like CD's, or skateboards will not. The other factor is the actual type of insurance policy you have. Some policies will not cover the loss due to theft.

Identify The Stolen Items

Once you have found that something has been stolen from your vehicle, you need to identify it for the insurance company. This means telling whether it is permanent piece of your car. These will really depend on the type of fixture. For example, the rear view mirror is an attached part of the car. However, an aftermarket product like a spoiler, fog lights, push bar, or even a car stereo may be also covered where they are installed on the car itself. Some of the products may be a little tricky such as a GPS device. If they can be removed easily, it may not be covered.

Types of Insurance

Many insurance policies will only meet certain requirements that are required by law. In order to add additional coverage you will need to specifically ask for it. Comprehensive insurance policies will cover a large part of theft, but you will still need to check first.

The best auto insurance to have is prevention. If you know that your items are not going to be covered by any type of insurance then you should take the steps to prevent the theft of these items. Locking your doors, using car alarms, parking in lighted areas and hiding your belongings will go a long way to keeping your items secured.

Other Types of Insurance

You may also look into other types of insurance like renters or your homeowner’s insurance policies. Depending on the type of insurance you have, you could still be compensated for your stolen items. The downside to this is that you will not get the full replacement cost of the items. The CD's, the GPS device, and the computer that was sitting on your seat will only receive a partial replacement cost.