Business Professional Liability Insurance: How To Cut Costs

Having business professional liability insurance is necessary for certain professions in order to protect against loss that may occur from those liabilities associated with their practice. This type of insurance is important for such individuals as lawyers, doctors, accounts and insurance and financial representatives. Also referred to as malpractice insurance coverage, this protection can be costly for some professionals due to the nature of their practice.

There are some ways to control your premium costs for professional liability insurance. This can include taking steps to raise your deductible, lower your benefit amount and shop around for the best rates. These steps can help make professional liability insurance more affordable for you and allow you to have this necessary form of insurance coverage.

Step 1: Comparison Shop for Rates

Before purchasing a professional liability insurance policy, you should shop among different carriers to determine the best possible rates. This is important because depending on your profession the varieties of options that are available are wide. You may find that a quote that you receive from one company may be available through another carrier at a lower rate.

Comparison shopping can be done with an insurance agent, broker or online in order to find the best deal at the lowest possible cost for you.

Step 2: Increase Your Deductible

When applying for a selected plan, you may consider increasing the deductible in order to come up with a plan that has the lowest possible premium. Raising a deductible means that you are willing to self-insure the amount that you can pay before the insurance company’s benefit kicks in. Higher deductibles may not be possible for everyone needing protection but a comparison of cost between the higher premium, lower deductible plan and one you raise the premium on may give you the insight that you need to pursue this step.

Step 3: Lower Your Benefit Levels

When raising your deductible, you should also consider taking steps to lower the level of benefits needed to the bare minimum necessary to protect your practice. Lowering your benefit level lowers the amount of risk to the insurance company and gives you a policy that will be much more affordable. Your risk however is if the amount of the claim exceeds your policy’s benefit amount, you will be responsible for the additional amount above your policy.


Taking steps to lower your costs when purchasing professional liability insurance are necessary in order to insure that you receive the maximum amount of benefit for the lowest possible cost to you.