Car Insurance - College or for Kids Going Away

Finding affordable car insurance for a college driver can be difficult, because insurers quote higher rates to younger, less experienced drivers. Once you turn 25-years-old, your premium usually decreases (if you have a clean driving record). Until then, car insurers protect themselves against higher-risk drivers by charging more for basic coverage. There are several ways, however, to receive cheap car insurance for a college student or for kids going away from home.

Pay As You Drive

The first question you should ask your insurer is whether or not they offer pay as you drive car insurance, or a low-mileage policy. This is helpful for college kids who only drive during the summer or on holiday vacations, or for students who just don’t drive very often. Pay as you drive policies can save you hundreds of dollars each year; they are a great car insurance option for young drivers who don’t have a daily commute.

Enroll in a Driver Safety Class

A college student can also get cheap car insurance by enrolling in a defensive driving or driver safety class. Though these classes generally require a fee (usually around $100), your car insurer will discount your policy more than that amount. By taking a driving class, you prove to the insurer that you are a serious, safe driver, and pose less risk on the road. Visit your local library, high school, or community school today to inquire about available driving classes in your area.

Good Student Equals Great Savings

A majority of insurers offer lower car insurance rates for college kids who demonstrate academic excellence. This could include Dean’s List or the National Society of Merit Scholars. Be aware, however, that you must maintain your grades in order to continue to receive the discounted rate.

Be a Safe, Smart Driver

It’s no surprise that, if you avoid traffic accidents and tickets, you’ll pay less insurance each year. To get cheap car insurance, it is important for college drivers to maintain a clean driving record. This includes following traffic signs and courtesies, not tailgating or having “road rage,” and never driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Drive a Car with Safety Features

Another way that college kids can save on car insurance is by driving a safe and reliable automobile. Generally speaking, the more expensive the car, the more expensive the insurance premium, due to costly parts and repair. If you drive a reliable car with such safety features as airbags, anti-lock brakes, and an alarm system, your insurer will offer you a lower premium.

Get a Credit Card

Though it may sound unrelated, a great way for college kids to get cheaper car insurance is by getting their own credit card. By establishing credit in their own name, he or she can slowly but surely build their credit history and prove to insurers that they are capable of paying bills on time. Insurers look closely at an applicant’s credit score before quoting their car insurance premium, so establishing credit is an important first step for college kids to take in the quest for affordable car insurance.