Dental Insurance: Deductibles and Copayments

Dental insurance is a type of coverage that can help you offset the cost of dental expenses. Before you purchase a dental insurance policy, you are going to need to review the deductibles and copayments.


Many dental insurance plans require a copayment whenever you visit the dentist. Most of the time, this co-pay is going to be minimal. You are going to pay a certain amount for your co-pay and the dental insurance is going to pay for the rest of your charges. In most cases, the co-pay is going to be between $30 and $50.


With your insurance plan, you are also going to have to be aware of the deductible. Most of the time, you will have an annual deductible that you will have to meet. Once you have met your deductible, the insurance will typically pay for the rest of the dental services that you need. In many cases, the amount of your co-pay is going to apply towards the annual deductible that you are required to pay.

If you have a family dental plan, you are going to have to pay a larger annual deductible then you would if you had an individual policy.