Dental Insurance Eligibility Guidelines

If you are looking into getting new dental insurance or just shopping around for a new policy, you need to be aware of the eligibility guidelines of each insurance policy you are interested in before making your final decision on which policy to choose. These guidelines can effect your coverage once you get the dental insurance and is the deciding factor on what is covered and what isn't. The major factors you need to look for in each policy are such things as:

  • Who will be covered on your policy? This is important if you have a wife and children. Will all of them be covered?  At what age will coverage stop?  Do the children have to reside in your home? Will this overage cover your children who are in college?
  • How much of a  yearly deductible will you have to pay before services will be covered? Is this deductible per member or per policy?
  • How many cleanings are covered per year in your plan?
  • How soon will your coverage begin?
  • Does this plan pay for braces and orthodontic care?
  • Can you see your current dentist or are only certain dentists covered under the policy?
  • Will the plan pay for fluoride treatments?
  • Will the plan pay for full or partial dentures?

You must consider all eligibility guidelines before you enroll in any dental insurance to make sure that you get the dental insurance that fits your needs.