Dental Plans: An Affordable Alternative to Dental Insurance

Many people are turning to dental plans as a nice alternative to traditional dental insurance. Dental plans can provide you with several benefits and help you save money overall. Here are the basics of dental plans and how they are different from regular dental insurance.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a product that many people are familiar with because it has been around for many years. With dental insurance, you will pay a premium to an insurance company on a regular basis. Your dental insurance provider will have a list of dentists that you can visit under their plan. When you visit the dentist, you will most likely have to pay some type of a deductible before you can get a benefits paid from the insurance company. One of the big drawbacks with dental insurance is that it is not affordable. In order to get a family dental plan, you are going to be paying somewhere between $100 and $200 per month. Because most people do not need to go to the dentist that often, it does not necessarily make sense to pay that much for dental care.

Dental Plans

Dental plans can provide you with an easy and convenient way to get affordable dental care. Many people get dental plans and dental insurance confused. With a dental plan, you are basically paying for a plan that will provide you with a discount whenever you go to the dentist. A dental plan company will contact individual dentists and get them to agree to a discounted rate for their customers. In return for this discounted rate, you will have to pay the dentist for the services that they provide immediately afterward. This is similar to a cash discount program.

The dentists are willing to engage in a dental plan because it saves them a lot of hassles and paperwork. When a dentist works with an insurance company, they have to fill out numerous forms and file them with the insurance company. This means that the dentist has to pay the salary of an administrative person to handle the filing of these papers. Then, whenever they file the claim with the insurance company, they will have to wait for a certain amount of time to receive payment. Sometimes, insurance companies can be very slow when it comes to paying their bills. If you are a dentist, you have to worry about cash flow issues. The utility bills are still going to come and you still have to pay the salaries of your employees, regardless of how long it takes the insurance company to pay. This makes the dental plan a nice alternative for many dentists to use.

Percentage Off

Most dental plans will provide you with a certain percentage off of the regular price. For example, joining a dental plan might save you 30% off of dental services. This means that if something costs $100 normally, you will be able to get the service for $70.