Disability Insurance During Pregnancy: Making Sure you are Covered

Disability insurance during pregnancy can provide crucial income to allow rest and recovery before and after pregnancy by providing a percentage of a woman’s salary while she cannot work. The disability insurance for pregnancy typically starts in the last month of pregnancy and lasts up to six weeks after the pregnancy depending on the policy.

Some conditions can require longer paid leave, including:
  • complications related to the pregnancy
  • prescribed bed rest by a doctor before the pregnancy
  • cesarean section
Who is Covered?

Disability insurance during pregnancy should be a part of insurance plans that include short term disability but a woman should make sure her plan includes pregnancy. To make sure she is covered, a woman should also:
  • apply for the policy before becoming pregnant or the insurance company can determine the pregnancy is a pre-existing condition
  • make sure she has had the policy long enough before becoming pregnant for the benefits to kick in
  • find out what paperwork is needed and follow the guidelines.
  • determine whether insurance from a work plan includes a paycheck. Some companies give time off, but not paid time off. Private disability insurance during pregnancy is also available through private companies.