Disability Insurance Lawyer: Finding One for Your Needs

Disability insurance lawyers are useful if you are planning to file for disability or have already filed for disability but have been delayed or turned down by an insurance company. To find the right disability lawyer for your needs you must research lawyers based on your particular situation.

 What to ask a Disability Insurance Lawyer

  • Is he/she forward with sharing examples of his/her past successful cases?
  • Does he/she have experience dealing with your particular type of situation?
  • Is he/she honest about the likelihood of winning your case?
  • Does he/she require an upfront payment?

The Right Answers

  • A disability insurance lawyer who will not discuss his/her past may be misrepresenting him/herself and therefore should not be chosen to present your case.
  • Like criminal law, there are many different areas within disability law. Research will lead you to a lawyer that specializes in your area of need.
  • Although it would be nice to hear that you will definitely win your case, an honest disability insurance lawyer will present you with more realistic statistics. Honesty is important when choosing a disability insurance lawyer because he/she will have access to all of your personal information. 
  • A disability insurance lawyer that requires an upfront payment may be scamming you. Look for lawyers who collect only in the case of a win. 

Where to Look for a Disability Insurance Lawyer

Disability insurance lawyers can be found in newspapers, phonebooks, and online. Click here to access one evaluative list of disability insurance lawyers.