Disability Insurance Settlement: How to Maximize Your Compensation

The best way to maximize your disability insurance settlement is to follow the proper steps when filing your initial claim. This way you avoid the costs of appeal and begin to receive your benefits as fast as possible.

How to File Your Claim

Claims for disability insurance settlements can be filed in person at any Social Security office, through the phone by calling 1-800-772-1213, or on the Internet. Click here to file for a disability insurance settlement online. Have the proper documents, such as your birth certificate and W-2 forms, ready when you apply. Visit the social security website to find information about how to properly apply for a disability insurance settlement.

What you can Expect Your Disability Insurance Settlement to be

There are resources online that can estimate your disability insurance settlement based on your income, age, and the state that you live in. Click here to calculate the disability insurance settlement that you may be able to receive.