Discover the Truths About Disability Insurance Law

Disability insurance law pertains to individuals that can no longer work due to injury. The definition of disabled, the types of insurance that can be collected, and the jargon within policies make the truth about disability insurance law blurry.

What does Disability Insurance Law Mean for me?

If you are injured and can no longer work, disability insurance law will determine your livelihood. Disability insurance lawyers represent an individual when he/she attempts to file for disability insurance or if he/she has been delayed or denied collection.

Why is Disability Insurance Law so Confusing?

  • Disability insurance comes in long-term and short-term forms. Certain forms of disability insurance ensure fixed-rate premiums while other policies can alter premiums based occupation. Another type of disability insurance allows for premiums to change and policies to be cancelled based on numerous conditions specified within a particular policy. 
  • An individual that is injured and loses the ability to perform his/her current occupation is considered disabled in some cases. In other cases, an individual must lost the ability to perform any occupation in order to be considered disabled. 
  • In general, employers have the option to provide disability insurance. Only five states require employers to provide disability insurance. 

Where to Learn More About Disability Insurance Law

Visit the United States’ social security website to learn more about disability insurance law.