E Business Insurance Plans Protecting Your Online Assets

More and more business is being conducted solely through the internet, and if you have an ebusiness, you may need specialty ebusiness insurance. E business insurance provides specialized protection for your online business. The coverage you need for an online business can differ greatly from what you would need for a brick and mortar organization, so it is worth your while to investigate the different offerings. E business coverage can include:

  • Loss of revenue protection. For example, if your business is online and your web site host goes out of business or your internet connection is lost for an extended period of time due to inclement weather, you may be able to obtain coverage to protect you.
  • Libel/Slander. If you are doing business online, you need protection against others who might publish untrue things about you but also protection for words that might be misconstrued that you say about your competition.
  • Copyright Infringement. You may hire outside writers to develop content for you, and while you are diligent about making sure that the information is unique, there is always the risk that you are infringing on another's copyright. This coverage can protect you from that risk.
  • Theft. Identity and data theft are huge issues for internet businesses, so it's critical to have the coverage to protect you in case your system is hacked.