Finding an Auto Insurance Broker Online

An auto insurance broker can advise you on your selection of an insurance company. A broker is a middle-man, versed in the best coverage and rates available to individual consumers. A broker does not provide insurance himself or herself. Instead, the sole function of a broker is to connect you with the right company for your auto policy.

Online Insurance Brokers

If you would like to find your auto insurance broker entirely via the Internet, you will have to do a little bit of research on the best brokers available to you. Working with the wrong broker will eliminate the possibility of getting a good deal. Remember: you will pay the broker for connecting with your insurer, so you should make sure it is worth the additional charge. Do your research, considering:

  • Whether the broker discloses commission; if not, walk away
  • If the broker has a physical address, a phone number, and a clear identity.
  • If the broker has good reviews from customers or testimonials available for your viewing.
  • If the broker is licensed to broker insurance in your state. This license should be clearly displayed somewhere on the website to assure you the advice you are receiving is provided by an individual who has passed a state licensing test.