Guide to Buying Your Family Dental Insurance

If you are trying to select family dental insurance, you might not have the time to sift through heaps of documents to learn what you need to know. This brief guide provides readers a summary of information about how to choose family dental insurance.

Consider How You Will Choose Your Dentist

Your family might be familiar with a dentist and prefer to use his/her services when the need arises. Then make sure that your plan allows you to do just that. While some plans may offer you great discounts, they often restrict you to using the services of only certain dentists. If you are not fussy about whom you visit, then go ahead and avail yourself of those discounts. If you will mind having to be seen only by dentists in a particular network, however, make sure you purchase a plan that allows you the freedom of choosing whomever you want.


Most plans are bound to have restrictions in what they offer. This can vary from the number of treatments you are covered for annually to the amount you are insured for while undergoing certain procedures. If your family has a history of dental problems, then make sure you read the fine print and choose a plan that covers your most vital needs. If your family has a good dental history, then this is your chance to strike a hard bargain and obtain reduced coverage for some critical dental procedures.

Who Is Covered

This is a critical aspect to consider. Make sure you understand thoroughly how many of your family members can be covered and up to what age. While most basic family coverage will automatically include your spouse, children are added separately under additional rates. Children are generally covered up to 18 years of age, though some plans will extend this limit up to 22 years of age, providing the children are still attending a college or university and are therefore monetarily dependent on their parents.

Flexibility in Making Appointments

Trivial as it may sound, a lot of the cheaper plans do come with a cap on how many appointments you can make in a year. Make sure that any restriction placed in this regard does not inconvenience you and your family. Look for a plan that can give you flexibility in terms of the number of appointments you seek to make every year.


Of course, the whole concept of insurance revolves around a pooled risk that helps reduce the cost of any adversity. So, whether you are buying a plan by yourself or through your company, the underlying objective is to save money. Make sure your plan helps you do just that!

As with most things in life, family dental insurance plans cover the entire spectrum from low to high budget. If you know what you want from your plan, then most of your work has already been done for you. Consider all these factors in helping you make the right decision in choosing your plan.