Home Insurance - Emergency Planning

A home insurance emergency involves a major event that will likely result in a claim being made against a policy. Fire, theft, major storms and other catastrophic events can all lead to a home insurance emergency. Preparing for such an event is vital to help homeowners get back on their feet faster.

Being Prepared For A Home Insurance Emergency

No one ever expects a fire to break out or a tornado to damage their roof, but these things do happen. There are steps homeowners can take to be ready for this type of event. To make sure coverage is in place and is accessible when it’s needed, homeowners should:

  • Make sure their policies are always current and in force
  • Understand what their policies do and do not cover, such as floods
  • Keep policy information in a safe, accessible place such as an offsite safe deposit box

Steps To Take After A Home Insurance Emergency

If a home insurance emergency does take place, there are certain steps homeowners should take to make sure their claims are put into an insurance company’s system as quickly as possible:

  • Call the agent immediately – It is best to make contact with the insurance company or representative as soon after an event as possible.

  • Keep up with all official reports and documentation – Make sure to collect copies of police reports, damage estimates, repair estimates and other documentation. The insurance company will want this information to back up claim reports. If there is visible damage to the structure, it can be helpful to photograph it, as well.

  • Document all contact with the insurance company – Do take the time to keep a log of all communications related to a claim, especially regarding specific steps that might be required to expedite a claim.