Homeowners Insurance - Maintenance Issues

When it comes to homeowner’s insurance, maintenance on your home is something you should take as seriously. Your insurance company can increase your payments, depending on your home maintenance upkeep.

When Maintenance Becomes an Issue

Sometimes, insurance companies will refuse to pay claims that are for damage to your home that could have been avoided with proper maintenance. Common examples of poor maintenance related home damage that many homeowners’ policies will not cover is mold or water damage caused by a poorly maintained roof that leaks.

Other times, poor maintenance becomes an issues with your homeowner’s policy is when poor maintenance results in other types of damage to your home or damage to your personal property. For example, if your storm gutters become clogged and weighted down with leaves and debris and then collapse or allow water to seep into your home’s attic, your homeowner’s coverage may not pay a claim for the damage. .

Also, if the gutter were to collapse and strike someone due to poor maintenance the insurance might not even cover the costs of medical expenses for the person injured by the falling gutter. If the person files a lawsuit against you, you might be personally liable for damages that your insurance company rightly refuses to pay because of neglect to keep the gutters clean.