How does AARP Automobile Insurance Benefit Members?

AARP automobile insurance is made available to AARP members through The Hartford Insurance Company. The team effort offers unique benefits to AARP members aged 50 years old and older.

 Lifetime Renewals

After an AARP member has had car insurance coverage for at least 60 days, AARP members 50 or older will never be refused coverage as long as they remain physically and mentally able to operate a vehicle, have no driving convictions while drunk or intoxicated and continue to pay policy premiums on time. This also extends to other regular drivers of the vehicle that have a valid license.

New Car Replacement

If you happen to be involved in an accident where your vehicle is completely lost or totaled within 15 months or within 15,000 miles of the vehicle’s purchase, the AARP insurance policy will pay to replace the vehicle. The replacement will be made with the same make and model vehicle, with no depreciation costs and also pay the entire purchase price of the vehicle.

One Year Rate Protection

Although many car insurance policies only quote rates for six months, AARP car insurance underwritten by the Hartford keeps rates the same for a 12 month period. So, you will enjoy the same low rates for at least a year.