How to Trace an Unpaid Health Insurance Claim

There are millions of dollars of unpaid health insurance claim forms which are left abandoned because people cannot trace them. If you have had a health insurance claim which has been unpaid, or denied, then you need to follow up on it as quickly as possible in order to make sure that you get what you are owed. Getting this right can seriously affect your future health insurance claims.

Speak to the Claims Company

Your first call should be to the company in charge of your health insurance claims. You should be able to get details about your claim from them and also be informed exactly where the claim is in the system. If they have denied the claim, then you should also be able to review the claim with the company representative. You can appeal denials, but must follow specific rules and regulations. Ask the representative for more information.

You should also contact the person in your doctor's office who handles insurance claims. Make sure that they know that the claim was correctly filed so that they have an idea of what is happening and will not slow down the process.