Information on Cheap Auto Insurance - Military Personnel

An auto insurance policy for military personnel can be purchased from an insurance company that specializes in military clients. Companies offering this coverage provide protection to families and members of the military who are serving overseas and at home. The coverage can be from established insurers and those that offer cheap coverage to military families. The best place to find these policies is through USAA, an insurance company that specializes in underwriting the military.

Auto Insurance for Military Personnel

Auto insurance for military personnel provides the same benefits and protection that coverage purchased by non-military persons provides. This coverage is simply offered at a lower rate based on a group classification for military personnel and their families. This basis allows an insurance company to offer a cheap auto insurance policy that protects the interest of the family in the event of an accident or other vehicle calamity.

About Companies Offering Cheap Military Auto Insurance

A company offering cheap auto insurance policies to military families should be licensed and in good standing with the commissioner of insurance for your state. These companies should have good financial information and a favorable rating from the insurance rating services. These services are A.M. Best, Standard & Poor's, Moody’s and Weiss Ratings Service.

Check with Department of Insurance

Checking with your state’s department of insurance will also help you find out if the insurance company is legitimate. You should look for any customer complaints or disciplinary actions that have been taken against the company or its agents. You should also find out if the insurance company has been involved in any unfair claims practices. These types of activities are indicative of potential problems with the insurer.

Customizing a Military Personnel’s Auto Insurance Policy

A military family can buy affordable auto insurance by making adjustments to the type of coverage they buy. Taking a higher deductible is one way to lower premiums and auto insurance costs for military personnel. A member of the military can also purchase a policy that only covers motorist liability and does not provide a benefit for vehicle repair or replacement.  This type of customization will reduce the cost of coverage.

Avoid Special Offers

Military personnel and their family members should avoid special offers that do not amount to any additional benefits than what can be obtained by non-military persons. Since there is not a special type of policy that is exclusive for military personnel, it can be misleading to suggest that an auto insurance policy purchased by a military person has extra benefits. The types of benefits that are provided for in an auto insurance policy are the same, regardless of the type of driver.

Compare Different Companies and Offers

Military personnel should compare policies between different companies, including those that are more established and those offering cheap auto insurance. This comparative analysis may yield the result that a company offering “cheap” auto insurance may not in fact offer a policy that is as good as one offered by a better rated auto insurer. Taking all factors into consideration, going with a reliable and trusted insurer will give military personnel the peace of mind needed in case an auto accident was to happen.