Requirements for Receiving Social Security Disability Insurance

You are entitled to Social Security disability insurance if you should become disabled. The approval of your application depends on your compliance. There are a few requirements that have been set forth by the federal government for this program.

Earnings Tests Requirements

In order to qualify for the Social Security disability insurance, you first need to undergo the earnings tests:

  • Recent work test - This test considers how old you were when you became disabled. Calendar quarters and your age are used to determine your eligibility.
  • Duration of work test - This test discloses whether the number of years you were working is adequate enough to meet the criteria. It should be noted that during your working years, you were also paying your Social Security taxes.

Disability Requirements

Aside from the earnings tests that you need to pass, your physical or mental health must meet these disability criteria to receive the insurance benefits:

  • You are unable to do basic physical or mental activities because the severity of your disability prevents you from doing the work
  • Your medical condition is among the "list of impairments" or the equivalent ailment set by the agency
  • You can no longer perform your previous work
  • You do not have the ability to do any other type of job