Short Term Disability Insurance: Things to Consider

Short term disability insurance covers a percentage of the salary for a worker who is temporarily unable to work because of illness or injury. Short term disability insurance usually covers 50 to 70 percent of a person’s salary for a set amount of time, usually up to 26 weeks. The coverage can be crucial to keeping personal finances afloat until a person is able to return to work.

Who is Eligible for Short Term Disability Insurance?

A worker typically has to have a policy for a certain amount of time before they can receive short term disability insurance benefits. Some policies also require workers to be full-time. There are several reasons why a person can get short term disability insurance. Common reasons include:
  • pregnancy
  • injuries outside of the job
  • intestinal diseases
Getting Short Term Disability Insurance

Different policies are available through work insurance policies or through private insurance. Policies vary on how much coverage they provide and for how long. Things to consider when shopping for short term disability insurance include:
  • if personal savings can cover a temporary stretch of no work without the insurance
  • what percentage of salary will be covered
  • how long a person has to have the policy before benefits kick in
  • how long a person has to be out of work before the benefit payments start
  • how long the coverage will last