Using a Rental Reimbursement Rider

Rental reimbursement is an additional rider that you can get with your auto insurance policy. This rider will reimburse you for the cost of a rental car if you are unable to drive your car as a result of an accident. Here are the basics of the rental reimbursement rider. 

Rental Reimbursement Rider

A rental reimbursement rider will provide you with money to pay for your rental car in case you are in an accident. With this type of rider, you will generally have a maximum daily limit as well as a maximum total dollar limit. The limits usually provide you with a rental car for several days while you are getting your car fixed, or buying a new car.


The cost of this type of additional coverage is usually a minimal expense. In some cases, you can get a rider for as little as $20.  Some policies have riders that can cost as much as $60 for every six months. Since the expense is so low, most people consider this to be a necessary expenditure. Paying for a rental car for several days out of your own pocket can be an expense that most people cannot afford.