What Is a Chartered Life Underwriter?

A chartered life underwriter is an individual that has met certain qualifications within the life insurance and estate planning industry. Here are the basics of what a chartered life underwriter is and what they do.

Chartered Life Underwriter

An individual that becomes a chartered life underwriter has chosen a career of selling life insurance and estate planning services. In order to become a chartered life underwriter, the individual has to pass a certain certification process. This involves taking eight different courses and tests and passing them successfully. Each exam has 100 questions that will have to be answered. 


Many financial planners seek to get this designation in addition to the training that they already have. This is done so that they can improve their standing when compared to other financial planners. If you are a potential client, you are going to look at someone that is a chartered life underwriter as an expert in the industry. They have spent considerable more time learning about estate planning and life insurance than someone who did not get that designation. In addition to investing time into this process, the chartered life underwriter has invested their own resources in order to gain this designation.