What is Insurance Open Enrollment?

Insurance open enrollment is something that takes place every year for many individuals that have group health insurance plans. Here are the basics of insurance open enrollment and how it works.

Insurance Open Enrollment

Insurance open enrollment is a certain period of time that allows individuals to review their insurance benefits and make necessary changes to them. This is very typical with individuals who have a healthcare plan through their employer.


During this period of time, the individual will be able to look at all of the features of their insurance plan. For example, they can look at their annual deductible and decide whether they want to increase or decrease this amount. This is also going to have an effect on how much money they pay in premiums every year.

They will also be able to evaluate whether they want to change the amount of co-pay that they have for doctor visits. They might also be able to change the amount of money that they pay for prescriptions under their insurance plan.

This can be a very valuable feature to have with your insurance plan. It allows you some flexibility when choosing your options so that you are not stuck with a particular type of coverage for the long-term.