What's in a Health Insurance Policy Name? Not Much

When you are choosing a new health insurance policy, you may be influenced by the choice of names that are offered to you. However, a name on a policy does not guarantee that you are getting what the title implies. There are two ways in which you might be scammed in this way.

False Policy Names

The company that you are using can offer an invalid policy because they cannot supply insurance. For example, you can buy a insurance from a a company that does not offer insurance. Many companies are not licensed to offer insurance and instead give discount cards. This is very misleading because discount cards are completely different from insurance.

You may also find that the name on the health insurance policy is not the same as the company you are using. This can be an invalid policy. Whenever you are signing up for health insurance, you should read the policy thoroughly because there are companies that will take your money and not offer anything in return. Be sure to research the company you want to use for insurance.